Dakota South Boutique is an online boutique offering a variety of items including Women's Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, Home Decor, and Cowgirl Bling. We are entering the marketplace as an e-commerce only site as well as trade shows and Facebook fulfillment. Our strategy is for long term growth through online visibility and within 12 months to open our first brick and mortar retail location in Fort Worth, Texas. Kylee is a successful business owner with over 10 years owning her own company and is originally from Minot, North Dakota. Raised in North Dakota cutting wheat with her family and working on the harvest run, solidified her family and northern heritage. Chad has been in the retail environment for over 20 years running large corporations. Originally from Dallas/Fort Worth, his southern roots are definitely in tact. This is what gives the name Dakota South Boutique. Northern Heritage - Southern Style.

All orders will be processed as soon as payment is received and confirmed.  Some items may be out of stock and must be ordered from the distributor.  Please allow 4-7 business days for orders to be processed and fulfilled.  Any issues with your order, we will contact client if any orders issues arise.  Thanks Chad & Kylee